Thursday, 8 January 2009

Running Chooks

I made this in 2002. Don't remember if I had a pattern, might have copied someone's design out of a magazine, probably a Meme's Quilts pattern. I'm learning to keep better records of my sewing. I tried writing everything down in a book, but it became unwieldy, so now I keep records on the computer.
Haven't done much sewing lately, just hemming jeans and mending. Oh, and eating peas straight from the garden.


  1. oh I lve this naive style it is sooo cute! Thanks for adding me to your Tassie sidebar that's made my day! :) your work is amazing it is all so beautiful!!!

  2. Those chooks like they are running after your peas LOL we are eating our peas too and passing some along to friends blanching and freezing them, supposed to get only 5degs tonight so I;m hopeing its not going to be a frost.


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